Where To Get Your PMP Certification Training

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Thinking about getting your PMP certification training in Washington DC?

Beyond The Boot Camp engages experienced, dedicated and dynamic instructors who have real-world IT and Project Management experience across many disciplines. Their clients are their prime focus: from designing course material to the selection of training facilities, Beyond The Boot Camp puts you first.

The 4-Day PMP-Prep classroom course is structured with the goal of providing students exactly what they need to pass the PMP exam. Coursework is focused on the key topics and knowledge areas required for success on the exam. Our study strategy will increase comprehension and retention of key elements, while also providing students with practical information that can be applied immediately to the project work environment.

Learn More About PMP Certification:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Management_Professional

Get Scrum Certified Today

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Scrum is one of the most popular agile methodologies. It is an adaptive, iterative, fast, flexible, and effective methodology designed to deliver significant value quickly and throughout a project. Scrum ensures transparency in communication and creates an environment of collective accountability and continuous progress. The Scrum framework, as defined in the SBOK™ Guide, is structured in such a way that it supports product and service development in all types of industries and in any type of project, irrespective of its complexity.

A key strength of Scrum lies in its use of cross-functional, self-organized, and empowered teams who divide their work into short, concentrated work cycles called Sprints.

Traditional project management emphasizes on conducting detailed upfront planning for the project with emphasis on fixing the scope, cost and schedule – and managing those parameters. Whereas, Scrum encourages data-based, iterative decision making in which the primary focus is on delivering products that satisfy customer requirements.

To deliver the greatest amount of value in the shortest amount of time, Scrum promotes prioritization and Time-boxing over fixing the scope, cost and schedule of a project. An important feature of Scrum is self-organization, which allows the individuals who are actually doing the work to estimate and take ownership of tasks.

To get your scrum master certification training in Washington DC, you have to know a couple of things about Agile Scrum.

Learn More About Agile Scrum Master:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrum_(software_development)